VC Investors are from Mars and Greentech is from Venus

VC Investors are from Mars and Greentech is from Venus (1)

Tiago Brasil Rocha
Founder of GreenTech América Latina and GreenTech Business

It is not new, we all know from NASA reports, IPCC reports, United Nations reports, COP reports, World Bank reports, TCFD, G7, G20, Blackrock, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Google, etc articles and statements show that Climate Change is a threat.

We all know the warnings and marks we are getting, emissions numbers from science reached, 350 parts per million 2008, 417 parts per million 2021, 1.000 parts per million 2021 – independent audit. The 1.5 degree path is not on track anymore. (2)

A couple of years ago I’ve decided to change my personal path and fight for changing this situation in Latin America. We did a Greentech America Latina event, the event grew and we’ve started to perceive that despite the difficulties, a lot of people believe and see it is possible to change.

Some large investment funds directed efforts to invest in Green technologies, some other names are investing to be able to have life in Mars. At first we thought it was a good idea, and them we’ve realized that it is not a plan B for our current society, and not even help to address the problems we have today.

Are we going to send 1.000 people to Mars and save human life?

Well we still believe we have a chance to do better here in our planet A – Earth.

As the Greentech America Latina ecosystem grew, we’ve started to see a lot of the small and medium companies with sustainable technology in the region, that are able to tackle big problems we face, but they are not very sexy for the current standard mindset of investors. Old fintech dinossaurs…

A friend of us mentioned – “looks like there is a possibility of doing something better for the ecosystem”, and we’ve decided to take this path.

We’ve discovered speaking with each technology owners – the so called, startups or scale ups, that usually they are not well equipped to talk about the impact of their technology. (3)

Besides this we’ve discovered that almost all big platforms of investment in venture capital, (globally), do not ask scale ups questions about impact. And more than this, the investors in the industry are usually not well trained to speak this language, and do not have right incentive for this.

VC investors and most PE investors have one incentive. They need to do successful deals, and deliver high multiple exit and off course high IRR – return metric. Unicorns may be the path to that, so what we hear is that: fast, digital and scalable is good.

It looks like it is better go to Mars…some of the Unicorns may go.

Well we still believe we have a chance to do better here in our patient planet A – Earth.

With this in mind we are launching the first digital open platform designed to make easier the connection of sustainable technologies and companies, individuals, or Governments that need to implement solutions to solve sustainability issues that affect 7.8 billion people.

Our first set of questions to technology solutions providers is. What is the short title of your technology? What is the impact of your technology? What is the percentage of gain for the planet A? What ODS better describe your idea? Please describe your impact ?

It is hard to be precise. They sometimes can’t answer, but we are discussing, inserting the numbers and we want to advance further and master on that.

We are going to make easier to access, find and implement sustainable technologies. We want to be a valid resource to help change the dynamics and insert the language of impact in both ends of investment decision. We want to help improve the connections, use, and mobilize investment in sustainable technologies.

We want to make simple to investors and entrepreneurs decide for Impact first. VC Investors and Greentechs need to play for Earth.

1) Adapted from the original – “Men are from Mars Women from Venus” – John Gray
2) NASA and IPCC
3) Interviews with founders