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December 2021

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Discover the platform that connects creators of sustainable technology solutions with solution seekers, launched during GreenTech América Latina 2021:

Retrospective 2021

Review below the events with the participation of GreenTech América Latina throughout the year:

GreenTech América Latina at COP 26

Review the panel mediated by the founder of GreenTech América Latina during COP 26, presenting solutions and the strength of the region for the development of sustainable technologies.

Playlist - IFPR Renewable Energy Workshop

Watch the 5 rounds of the 1st Renewable Energy Workshop held in partnership between the Federal Institute of Paraná and GreenTech América Latina.

GreenTech Radar

News and articles on technologies and solutions presented in GreenTech América Latina programs

ePioneers releases roadmap for 2022

Discover the growth positioning of ePioneers, of Colombian origin, which is expanding its operations to Brazil in 2022 with its portfolio of NFTs reverted to positive climate impact.

Eco Panplas receives the Ilmpact 2021 Seal

Eco Panplas was qualified with the Ilmpact Seal 2021 from Innovation Latam and Fundação Dom Cabral, for generating #ESG impacts that are very relevant to Latin America, and was also in the TOP 3 ODS 6 water.

Article: How can building operators communicate with artificial intelligence?

R8 Tech's Across Magazine article explores how the revolutionary growth in computing power and computer science over the past few decades has given rise to solutions based on artificial intelligence.