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May 2022

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In this month’s interview, Tiago Brasil Rocha talks to Alexei Bonamin, Partner responsible for the ESG area at TozziniFreire, a leading law firm Brazil country in ESG capital market operations and a supporter of the GreenTech América Latina ecosystem since 2019.

Open call: GreenTech América Latina 2022

The registration process for the 2022 edition of the event that reveals technologies with sustainable impact will be through the GreenTech Business platform.

Held annually since 2019, the three editions of GreenTech América Latina have already revealed 53 technological innovations with sustainable impact, collaborating in their development and growth by making connections with corporations, investors and governments.

Greentech Radar

News and articles about technologies and solutions presented in the GreenTech América Latina programs

Starbucks Brazil launches disposable cup recycling initiative

Starbucks Brazil has launched a cup recycling initiative through the circular economy project “Ciclobom” – with the support of smart reverse logistics startup Green Mining, revealed in the first edition of GreenTech América Latina.

Mycorena cracks the code for the world's first fungi-based fat ingredient

For the first time in the plant-based food industry, Mycorena is introducing a unique fungus-based fat ingredient, creating a profile of sensations you would find in a succulent steak. This introduces a new and superior ingredient that can improve flavor similarly to the fat in animal meat, taking plant-based meat to the next level.

Article: "How to banish extremely high and volatile energy prices?"

In this article, the CEO of R8 Tech talks about what would happen if we banished high energy prices ourselves, significantly controlling and curbing them.

Article: "Agrifood sector: how has investment in the sector grown?"

The agri-food industry has proven to be a sector that is resilient to market fluctuations. Read in this article published on the Polynatural blog an analysis of how the incorporation of new technologies has transformed the system to increase productivity and optimize resources, improving profitability and sustainability.