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July 2022

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This month I talked with Francisco Benedito, CEO of Climate Trade. Watch the interview to learn more about the history and vision of the world’s first blockchain API carbon platform!

Our GreenTech Business platform is advancing by leaps and bounds! Get to know and be part of the ecosystem that connects solution finders with solution makers of technological innovations of sustainable impact.

Also in this edition, look at our GreenTech Radar and ABVCAP’s Sustainable Investment Forum.

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Tiago Brasil Rocha
Founder of GreenTech América Latina

In this episode of the GreenTech América Latina interview series, Tiago Brasil Rocha talks with Francisco Benedito, founder and CEO of Climate Trade, a blockchain platform for carbon offsetting that in 2018 launched the world’s first Carbon API.

GreenTech Business is live!

Get to know the platform that connects creators with solution seekers of sustainable impact technologies!

The registration process for the 2022 edition of GreenTech América Latina, an event that reveals sustainable impact technologies, will be done 100% through the GreenTech Business platform.

We are together with Abvcap in the Sustainable Investment Forum!Reconnect and discuss the movements of the Brazilian venture capital market.Stay up to date on the main issues regarding environmental, social, and governance topics.The event will take place on August 11, in Sao Paulo.

Greentech Radar

News and articles about technologies and solutions presented in the GreenTech América Latina programs

Botanical Solution Inc wins 2022 biotech startup of the year award

Chilean startup BSI - Botanical Solution Inc, an innovator in sustainable, consistent and cost-effective advanced botanical materials (ABM) for agricultural and pharmaceutical applications, has won the World BioProtection Forum's "Best Biotech Startup Business of the Year 2022" award.

Article on investment in cleantechs brings Green Mining's participation

Green Mining participated in the Valor Econômico newspaper's article about the scenario for investments in environmental impact technologies.

ePioneers participates in Stacks Ventures' DemoDay

Colombian-based startup ePioneers offers carbon offsets by democratizing access to climate portfolios and nature restoration in the world's most biodiverse regions.

iLab ThinkCamp Program for Climate Ventures

If you are interested in being an innovator that impacts your environment and mitigates the effects of climate change, join ThinkCamp 2022 - attend the solutions convening event on July 5.