GreenTech News – June 2022

GreenTech News

June 2022

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In this month’s interview, Tiago Brasil Rocha talks to João Valente, Director of Digital Assets at Grupo Ambipar, a leader in environmental management in Brazil.

Watch to learn a little more about João’s career and vision in digital assets and Ambipar’s positioning to continue increasing the positive environmental impact in the context of digital growth in the new economy.

Open call: GreenTech América Latina 2022

The registration process for the 2022 edition of the event that reveals technologies with sustainable impact will be through the GreenTech Business platform.

Held annually since 2019, the three editions of GreenTech América Latina have already revealed 53 technological innovations with sustainable impact, collaborating in their development and growth by making connections with corporations, investors and governments.

Greentech Radar

News and articles about technologies and solutions presented in the GreenTech América Latina programs

Solutions presented by GreenTech Latin America are featured on the Um Só Planeta portal

The startups Coletando Soluções and Green Mining are among the highlights of the article that presents initiatives in the area of waste management.

Biotecland's microalgae technology is the central topic of the report

Watch the report on the Globo Rural program with the story of Biotecland, a startup that develops technologies with microalgae-based inputs to improve crop production.

Video: sustainable shopping center management case

Learn about the case of the Ülemiste Center shopping mall, which uses R8 Tech's automated and sustainable management technology.

ePioneers will release second version of its impact NFTs software

The startup promoting Climate NFTs will release v2 of its software on Stacks Ventures' DemoDay, which will take place online June 16.